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Laurel Gagnon, violinist

"She made it sing with a naturalness that was both disarming and distinctive...her show of delicacy and restraint was admirable"
-The Straits Times

Junshi Yang Photography


Hello and welcome to my website! I am a violinist and chamber musician currently based out of New Haven, Connecticut.


Music has been my primary passion since I was a wee pig-tailed three-year-old begging for flute lessons. Pacified by "temporary" violin lessons until I was old enough for flute (I've still not to this day even held one in my hands), my earliest memory remains a picture of my mother cooking dinner while I sat on a kitchen stool pleading for the fingerings of the next Suzuki piece. My parents tell me I declared immediately that "next year I'll be up on that stage," and sure enough I was, and here I still am today. 


Please peruse my site for performance dates and video recordings, or follow me on my Instagram and Facebook accounts to stay up to date.

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